My name is Lance Wolf…….and I AM a sourceOholic

Welcome to the Universe’s BEST Amazon product sourcing site!  This is your source for locating product that you can resell on Amazon.  Did you know that you can resell retail?  They never taught you that in your Marketing 101 class?  That’s okay you don’t need a class!  Come follow me as I take on retail stores and resell  inventory for big profits!Through videos, social media, and retail store reports I’m going to show you EXACTLY where the hot inventory is located!  I may even sing you a few songs!!

Just to give you a background, my name is Lance Wolf…AND I AM A sourceOholic!!

I have been selling on Amazon.com for over 7 years now. I’ve done over $1,000,000 in sales selling on Amazon, which have mostly been generated in my last 3 years. In fact I did over $160,000 this past Christmas.  I sell in multiple categories including toys, books, clothing, shoes, luggage, watches, automotive, grocery items, home and kitchen, health and beauty, and many more!  I’ve learned over the years what to do, but most importantly what not to do.

During my time as an online seller, I’ve made mistakes that have cost me time and money, but most importantly I’ve learned from these mistakes.  My mission to all my sourceOhlics is to save you time and money by holding your hand to the inventory!